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A not-random picture February 11, 2006

Posted by Joshua Martin in Uncategorized.

Here is a picture that is not random:

Joshua juggling 6 clubs



1. Christina - February 12, 2006

So what makes that picture “not random”?

2. Joshua Martin - February 12, 2006

I didn’t just randomly take the picture. I had to take several pictures to get a good one of me juggling. Then I edited it, adding three more clubs.

3. Christina - February 12, 2006

Okay. I thought that was a lot of clubs for one person to juggle. Heh, could have fooled me.

4. Caleb Martin - February 13, 2006

Actually, I think it is possible to juggle that many

5. Joshua Martin - February 13, 2006

I think the record for clubs is 9 or 11(it’s easier to do an odd number) It’s possible to do any number of clubs but it gets where they are going so high that messing up just a little in your throw can make it come down in the place where it is not possible to catch. Throwing lower, you have to throw faster and it gets so fast it is not possible to throw and catch that quickly.

6. John - February 18, 2006

Dang, I was like WOOOAAH!! Look at Josh! owell…

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