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Bed of nails March 21, 2006

Posted by Joshua Martin in Uncategorized.

Here are some old pictures I found of one of our kittens sleeping on a bed of nails:

bed of nailsbed of nails



1. Christina - March 23, 2006

Awwww….how cute.

2. Heather - April 28, 2006

hey Josh!! this is Heather..I just wanted to say one thing and ask you one thing…okay I am going to ask you something first:)
Are you going to post the pictures you took at coach, on the last day?
and I wanted to say that your picture you drew was so amazing..I just wanted to tell you that:) The one with the old looking hands with the jacket on…Josh that picture was the best one in the art show (in my mind) but that was awesome:)

3. Joshua Martin - April 29, 2006

Every one was saying that it was the best. Even Mrs. McIntyre wanted tp keep it, so she is going to make a copy of it.

4. Heather - April 30, 2006

cool!! Could I copy it too??? YOu dont have to let me copy it but I really like it a lot!! Good job on it Josh..its awesome!!!!!

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