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Book sale May 26, 2006

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Here is John at the homeschool book sale:


And now a not so random quote:

"A quote from Josh Martin: *…Hi…* " — John Herrera


17 May 23, 2006

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…Sixteen Seventeen!

Drawing May 9, 2006

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Here is a small version of the picture I drew that everyone liked:

Hands drawing

Kendrick’s tower and beyond… May 5, 2006

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My church had a camp-out at lake Thunder Bird about two weeks ago. While most of the other boys were fishing Kendrick found a big fishhook (he almost stepped on it with no shoes) so, to mark where it was he put a rock on top of it and stacked more rocks on top of that to build a tower.

Here is Kendrick with his tower:

Kendrick's rocks

Even though he was not fishing, he was the only one to catch a fish.

Here is Kendrick’s fish:

Kendrick's fishKendrick and his fish

Who cares if it’s a dead fish its better than no fish.

After it was dark we saw the I.S.S. fly over. It was like a big bright light moving very swiftly across the sky. As it rose higher in the sky it got brighter and brighter until it was directly above, then slowly it faded, disappearing over the horizon…

Then me and Kendrick had a sword fight (a big long boring description was cut out here) It ended up as a tie so there is really no point in me having the long description.

Six days later…

Less than a week later I served at the Junior-Senior banquet with the class of 2008. I ended up getting the easy job. While everyone else was walking out to the tables and setting out plates of food, collecting dirty plates, and serving desert. While a few of the girls went around with pitchers pouring drinks for people, I stayed at the drink table keeping the pitchers filled with tea, water and ice.

Tea, water and ice:


Other than one of the tea containers getting a little leak and someone spilling some tea on the table we didn’t have any problem. All I had to do was fill an empty pitcher with ice and then tea or water depending on what was in it before.

After everyone ate and the speaker started speaking I went back to eat with the rest of the servers (After everyone else got their food served the servers got to eat.). After all the speeches were done everyone left the gym to watch a video (everyone except the servers who stayed, cleared and moved tables, swept the floor, moved lots of other stuff, and finally turned on the inflatables. After everyone came back to the gym and finished having pictures taken before changing out of their formal attire (I was still cleaning up so I didn’t get any pictures) they started the bash…

The Bash…

It started with an awesome karate demonstration and I got a few pictures of it but mostly videos. Then everyone did random stuff for a while mostly playing on the inflatables (the bungee run and the boxing ring). After that we learned how to swing dance (The guys who hid at that part don’t know how fun it was). Then everyone went back to doing random stuff again except a few people who kept dancing (I went around and got some pictures).

Breaking boardsThe bungee run thingChris and CalebChristina, Stephanie and CalebCaleb dancing with Stephanie

Next we played backboard dodge ball and my team won most of the time. It was one of the best games of dodge ball that I have ever played. Then everyone went back to doing random stuff again. I went and did the bungee run with Alex and then got some pictures of Caleb and Stephan.

Caleb and StephanCaleb and Stephan

After that some people did another kind of dancing but I was doing the bungee run. Then they played more dodge ball (I didn’t play I was eating cookies). Then they cleaned everything up and went home…


By the time I got home and fell asleep it was about 4:15 am. We had two kids spending the night at our house and one of them is Elijah’s age. So, at 8:30 Elijah and the other boy were awake and making lots of noise. So I ended up only getting 4 hours of sleep that night…

The End…
It’s not really the end because it still going and even though I finished writing the post I still have to add the pictures to it and edit it and fix the spelling and make shure that the grammer do be done good.

and one more thing. Some people act strange when they are around a camera

Stephan, David and Caleb Two cameras are better than one: two cameras

people act strange around camerasThe handThe Chair

More of the pictures are here

new post May 1, 2006

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Yay! school is over! This time I have time too post and something to say at the same time. I am working on a new post that should be finished this week unless I decide to add some more too it…


The new post is coming some time tomorrow. But the pictures are already here