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2001!!! July 13, 2006

Posted by Joshua Martin in Uncategorized.

I haven’t posted in a while, mostly because nothing worth posting about has really happened, until today. Today my blog has recived its 2,000th hit and now has 2,001. If you think about that a bit, you may realize, that it must really hurt to be a website…

Don’t quote me on that…” — Anonymous



1. William - July 13, 2006

Wow. At first I thought you meant that it was a new year, and I was like, “Man, is he out of date!”

It would hurt, indeed. Not just physically, either. Imagine, every time somebody walks up to you, the first thing they do is smack you in the face. This sort of treatment has been shown to induce psychological scars.

2. Joshua - July 13, 2006

Yeah, every time you saw someone you would be like: “ahh!! he’s going to smack me in the face again!”

3. Christina - July 14, 2006

Lol, I was thinking “2001, what happened in 2001?”

4. William - July 14, 2006

Christina: Um, 9/11, second remake of Planet of the Apes, the real millenium, Paper Mario…

Anyone reading: I almost sent you off nowhere with my link, unless maritoon-something exists.

5. William - July 14, 2006

Oh. Except he wouldn’t be so happy about the first event I mentioned.

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