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North Carolina September 12, 2006

Posted by Joshua Martin in Uncategorized.

I was needing to make anther post so I decided I would post these pictures from last summer when we went too North Carolina:

Hay field...

click on the picture to see all of them


1. Lydia - September 24, 2006

thanks! well i just hope i do well doing it. anyway, i was sooo nervous it wasnt even funny!! could you tell?

2. Lydia - September 24, 2006

uhgg!! i was soo nervous as soon as i looked at how many people were infront of me my heart would not calm down!! then my hands started shaking like crazy!! and when i sat down my leg was jumpin like crazy, then i tried to write and that was impossible!! aaaahh iwas sooo nervous as you can tell i DO NOT do well infront of crowds, no matter WHO it is! I was nervous to practice infront of Laura that day! so ya im really bad at that kind of stuff. I did REALLY well for the first time though so Im proud of myself! 🙂 ttyl

3. blacken - December 2, 2013

Very good write-up. I certainly appreciate this website.
Keep writing!

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