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White flowers… September 27, 2006

Posted by Joshua Martin in Uncategorized.

Here are some pictures…

White flowers1White flowers2



1. Heather - September 28, 2006

you should post more pics of ppl!!! but the pics you do have are REALLY cool!!!!! I like them all a lot !!!

2. Joshua Martin - September 28, 2006

Someone else said something like that to me about taking pictures…

3. John - October 2, 2006

Hey, hey, sorry its been a while I’ve been prety dang busy. So wacha up to Josh? Don’t see ya much at COACH. Andrew Hartman and I have decided that you would be a very safe person to tell a secret to. lol you and another kid named Brian. (he’s quiet as well)

Anyway, catcha later dude,


4. Joshua Martin - October 2, 2006

Really? what is this secret?

5. john - October 3, 2006

oh, there is no secret, we just decided that it would be safe to tell you if ever the event arose. hehe sorry ; )

6. David - October 5, 2006

John H. is a very odd person.

7. Joshua Martin - October 5, 2006

Indeed… lol

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