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June 15th Some random pictures outside

Yesterday I had nothing to do (except I needed to work on my painting) So I went outside and took some random picture. I am posting some of them on here. Most of the pictures taken after it was getting dark were so dark that I had to make them brighter on the computer.

First I went up on the hill and came down through the woods:
The shed...SunsetDead treeMore sunsetThrough the woods

ElijahleavesStanding dead treehmm...another tree...The lightning tree

Then I went back to the top of the hill:

a little treeback towards the houseaway from the houseJetMud holeYellow Flower

Then It started to get dark:

another tree...It's not a tree!The flashFlower

I started going back through the woods towards the house:

Into the woodsThe woodsIn the woodsIn the woodsFire!?Interesting...

Back at the house:

back at the houseThe pond... or somethingup at the willow treea planetJupiterBridgeThe house

After I went inside I took a few more pictures:

The paintingThe cat


1. Graeme Gee - June 18, 2006

Nice and great set out

2. Laura - July 6, 2006

Wow that is pretty cool Joshua!
BTW, i got a wordpress!



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