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The banquet and bash

Here are some pictures from the banquet and the bash:

The Banquet:

The serversCaleb S.The momsThe girl serverspracticingmore practicingNapkin fightThe handThe Chairpeople act strange around camerastwo camerasfoodMatt and MikeStephan, David and CalebDavid, Juju and CalebThe drink serversSpencerAndrew

The Bash:

Breaking boardsThe bungee run thingThe bungee run thingMatt and Mike falling downfalling overChris and CalebChristina, Stephanie and CalebCaleb dancing with StephanieCaleb and StephanCaleb and StephanCaleb and Christina



1. Heather - May 6, 2006

aww thoughs are awesome pics!!!! lol looks like everyone had a blast!!!! fun stuff!!!

2. Christina - May 6, 2006

Those are great pics.
Lol, does every picture you have of me have me holding my camera?

3. Joshua Martin - May 6, 2006

Those are the only pictures I got of you at the bash but of the other pictures I have, you are holding your camera. There are a few that don't but most of them are pictures where your hand is not in the picture or you can't tell if it is in your hand or not.

4. Caleb Martin - May 7, 2006

Do you even have to ask that, Christina? Of course you are holding your camera.

5. Christina - May 7, 2006

What can I say? I like my camera.
No, Caleb, I probably didn’t need to ask that, but I did anyway.

6. Joshua Martin - May 7, 2006

I do have one picture of you petting Abi’s dog and you don’t have the camera in your hand.

7. Christina - May 8, 2006


8. Laura - July 6, 2006

haha i just now realized this but you don’t have any pics of me posted! THANK YOU!

9. Joshua - July 6, 2006

You are in some of those pictures… but they weren’t pictures of you.

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